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Through out 2012, True Fast Outreach Ministries, Inc., [TFOM], went through an Assessment and Strategic Planning Process, and, as a result, TFOM's New Mission Statement is: "To repair communities by restoring life through the services we provide.".

TFOM's goal is to assist men, women and children who have or will become victims of life's hardships through access to TFOM's direct programs and services.As a 501 © 3, faith-based organization, TFOM's purpose is to offer access to basic needs' assistance for usually-excluded folks by centering on providing a safe place where hope is alive, and where they trust us, feel relaxed, and are encouraged to develop self- esteem and respect for others. Our purpose includes affirming them as they become confident and begin to build relationships when they enter our Community Help Center to access our basic needs' programs and services. Also, we will feel passionate about them as they take positive steps to move forward in their lives. In addition, TFOM's purpose includes providing support as they conquer their challenges, work towards self-sufficiency, and change their lives and the lives of their families and friends and the neighborhood in which we live, work and play.


True Fast Outreach Ministries began on a street corner, near Tamarind, in the roughest, crime/drug-ridden neighborhood in West Palm Beach. Beginning in 1998, Brother Robert Graham, Founder and Executive Director, based his vision for TFOM on Isaiah 58:5-7 about a True Fast. In Isaiah, a True Fast is to share your food with the hungry, provide the poor wanderers with shelter, cloth the naked, and not turn away from your brothers and sisters. It was from this foundation that TFOM grew to be a faith-based, 501[c]3 nonprofit in 2004, continuing to offer direct programs and services to meet the basic needs of the usually-excluded persons in this blighted neighborhood. TFOM moved from the street corner to a permanent building as TFOM Community Help Center, but it did not leave the streets or the neighborhood, and it surely did not leave the people. TFOM, from day one, assisted folks in meeting their basic needs, and TFOM will continue to do so as it expands its capacity to assist more and more Participants.. Brother Graham and the Board and the Staff of TFOM had the vision in 1998 that everyone has the right to live healthy, fulfilling lives, but many needed help to build skills and meet life's challenges. Standing in the belly of our community, at TFOM's Community Help Center addresses the basic needs of the underserved. All of its direct programs and services are related to meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, transportation, clothes, jobs, and access to health care. TFOM has purchased the building that houses the Community Help Center and continues to grow its capacity to assist more participants. In addition, TFOM is working with the City of West Palm Beach to acquie property for a transitional housing facility.


True Fast Outreach Ministries, Inc. (TFOM) in its 2012 Strateging Planning Process, grouped our many programs and services into four program areas: 1. Healthcare Navigation; 2, Health, Wellness & Food Security; 3. Education & Training; and 4. Housing & Homelessness. TFOM's 1. "Healthcare Navigation" Program is for our community's uninsured residents to access and enroll in healthcare and other governmental programs and maneuver the healthcare continuum. In addition, in 2. "Health, Wellness & Food Security" Program, TFOM provides case management tailored to individuals with unmet basic needs to assure them increased access to programs and services. TFOM provides: Food Pantry, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, USDA Food, Feed South FL, Hot Meals Twice Weekly, Clothes Closet, Palm Tran Bus Passes, Medical Transport, STD/HIV Class and Tests, Emergency Supplies, Incontinence Supplies, Diapers, Prescription Cards, Eyeglasses, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Referrals, and our Quarterly Health Fairs. TFOM's 3. "Education & Training" Program offers: Computer Classes, After-School Tutors, Workforce Alliance On-Job Training, Prison Outreach, Parent Project, Computer Use, and Job Searches. The "Housing & Homelessness" Program offers Homeless Referrals, Housing Assistance, and First Time Home Buyers' Club. Also, through TFOM's collaborations with Northwest Neighborhood Partners, residents will receive access to other programs and services in the community, creating a neighborhood health and wellness continuum.


All programs and services of True Fast Outreach Ministries, (TFOM), are volunteer-driven. The Executive Director and Office Manager and 2 Program Officers are paid very small salaries without benefits, resulting in most of their hours worked being volunteer hours. In addition, TFOM has 6 full-time Volunteers that actually round-out our staff. An average month brings 6 to 15 additional Volunteers who often clock in over 2,500 volunteer hours. TFOM Volunteers donate time and energy for the benefit of other people as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward. TFOM Volunteers are individuals whose works are intended to promote the good of TFOM and improve the quality of life of our participants and, in turn, neighborhood revitalization. At TFOM's Community Help Center, the Volunteers improve their own skill development, meet others, and work in concert with other Volunteers, Board & Staff to improve community enhancement efforts in the neighborhood and to assist our participants meet their basic needs through volunteering to work in all our programs and services. In this work, Volunteers contribute time and service primarily to assist in the accomplishment of TFOM's Mission. They add to the quality and capacity of programmatic services and provide enthusiasm, extra resources and much needed skills. Our Volunteers, who are trained and experienced, provide a ready pool of aides and have a willing desire to give their time freely: to help our Participants meet their needs; and to address the problems in the area around our Community Help Center on Sapodilla, the roughest, crime/drug-ridden neighborhood in West Palm Beach. The outcomes of our Volunteers' time, energy and wide range of skills play a key role in building a stronger, better neighborhood where we live, work and play.



Goal #1

True Fast Outreach Ministries' Inc., [TFOM], first goal is to assist men, women, and children who have or may become victims of life's hardships access services to meet their basic needs. In the shadows of one of the wealthiest communities in America, sits one of the poorest neighborhoods, with the majority of its residents living at or below poverty. TFOM has, since its inception in 1998, strived to feed not only the spiritual needs of the people, but also the material needs as well. The ministry began outdoors on a street corner where it remains to this day but TFOM has been able to buy the buildings that sits on that corner to better meet the needs of the community it serves. The outcomes of having this permanent location are: providing a safer environment where people can come to access basic needs programs; providing more programs and services; and by being centrally located in the community, it is easier for the people to come to the center. One of the primary needs of the area is the lack of access to afforable, quality, healthy food. Because of this significant need, a food pantry stocks and distributes canned and boxed food staples, plus fresh meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables each week. Individuals are screened and certified using the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program Form (TEFAP). Participants are also screened for Food Stamp Eligiblity. The need for food continues to increase. In 2011, we served over 13,022 people, in 2014, this number increased to over 40,000. From our last reporting period, October 1, 2015, TFOM had already served more than 41,000 needy families, with 3 more months of 2015 data not yet analyzed and reported out.

Goal #2

Secondly, TFOM's goal is to improve the quality of life for these residents who are victems of our poor economy and a healthcare system that has historically excluded them. Insufficient access to health care results in long-term issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, inadequate dental care,and eyecare. Uninsured and under-insured residents are in desperate need of routine health care. Lack of transportation increases inadequate access to healthcare. Through our local health fairs, HIV/Aids testing, and counseling, residents are able to receive some attention. In 2014, more than 7,500 people were served through these programs. We screened and qualified 57 people who received free glasses through our partnership with One Sight & Lens Crafters. Now, with the ACA Act/ObamaCare, TFOM became the main site for the the Northwest Neighbors to come to access healthcare with our trained and certified Navigators who will assist Participants in enrollment, follow-up and aceess to healthcare insurance and other publically-funded programs. In the first year of our Healthcare Navigation Program. TFOM was one of the top 5 enrollment centers in Palm Beach County. Because we are part of the neighborhood and have been so since 1998, the residents trust us and feel safe to provide information to TFOM. Our esidents do not trust existing agencies and institutions that have been difficult to access in the past. There fear is real and must be considered a major barrier to obtaining healthcare services.

Goal #3

TFOM's third goal is to improve the quality of life for substances abusers after recovery and for recently-incarcerated men, women and youth being released from prisons to renter back into society. TFOM assists with access to basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and opportunities to begin to become self-sufficient. TFOM's Vision for the future for this excluded population includes provision of Transitional Housing, Life skills classes; job readiness, training and plassment; and opportunities to become Good Parents, Good Neighbors, Home Owners, and Tax Payers. In addition, TFOM will provide preventive measures against juvenile crime, gang violence and recidivism. Housing Assistance and Education are the programs and services most used by substances abusers after recovery and the recently incarcerated. TFOM receives many more referrals than beds available. This goal supports the basic needs of our participants who are seeking help to conquer their challenges, work towards self-sufficiendy, and change their lives and the lives of their families and friends and impact the neighborhood in which we live, work, and play.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

Organization Ascribes to the Anti-discrimination Policy:

Affirmative Action Statement True Fast Outreach Ministries, Inc. does not discriminate In any of its activities based on: Age, religious affiliation, color, physical ability, gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

Geographic Area:

Central Palm Beach (Lantana to West Palm Beach)

Population Served:

General population

Interest Areas:

Community and Economic Development
Health and Human Services
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